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Auto glass replacement terms Warren drivers should know
February 14, 2023 at 2:00 AM
Image of a aston car that recently received auto glass replacement in Warren, MI.

Unfortunately, auto glass replacement is likely a service you’ll need at some point if you drive in Michigan. When facing a costly repair or replacement of your vehicle's windshield or windows, you should know what the repair technician says.

One of the best ways to make informed decisions in the care and maintenance of your car or truck is to understand the different types of glass, adhesives, and other industry terms used in the auto glass industry.

This blog post defines key terms you may not have heard before, so you can make confident decisions when your vehicle's auto glass is damaged or aging.

Laminated glass

This safety glass is composed of two or more layers of glass and an interlayer of plastic, typically used as windshields in vehicles.

You may need a laminated glass replacement if your windshield is cracked or damaged in an accident.

Tempered glass

During manufacturing, this safety glass is heated and cooled rapidly to increase its strength, so it’s less likely to shatter. Side and rear windows are often made from tempered glass, so if a side window is broken during a theft or by a rock on the highway, it may require a tempered glass replacement.

Glass adhesive

Technicians use this product during the glass replacement process to bond the glass to the vehicle. When you have a loose or leaking windshield, it may only need a simple repair involving the reapplication of the glass adhesive.

Glass urethane

Urethane is a specific type of adhesive used to attach windshield glass to the frame.

If your windshield is loose or leaking, a technician may recommend the reapplication of urethane to repair the issue.

Glass sealant

A sealant is applied to the edges of the glass to prevent leaks after installing a new windshield.

Reapplication of the sealant may fix windshield leaks when no cracks are present.

Rain sensor

Late-model cars and new windshields may include a device that detects rain to automatically activates the windshield wipers. It’s an effective feature to improve driver visibility and road safety.

If your rain sensor is malfunctioning or damaged in an accident, an auto glass technician may be able to repair or replace it.

Glass polishing

Polishing removes scratches and other imperfections from the surface of the glass to improve visibility and safety.

Some scratching and dents are normal through average driving and won’t require a total windshield replacement, as polishing will improve visibility.

Audi S5 Sunset

Glass calibration

After a new windshield is installed, the technician must adjust and align the vehicle systems––such as the rearview camera, to ensure they’re working correctly.

Glass trim

Either plastic or rubber trim surrounds the glass and seals it to the vehicle to prevent leaks.

If the trim is cracked or missing, a glass technician will likely recommend replacing it.

Glass channel

The channel holds the glass in place on the vehicle, ensuring proper alignment and functioning of the auto glass.

When the glass channel becomes rusted or corroded, it might need to be replaced to ensure proper alignment of the glass.

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Understanding industry terms used by auto glass replacement technicians can empower you to make informed decisions about your vehicle's glass. At Simbol Auto Glass, we’re happy to explain confusing terms and go through our quotes line by line to ensure you feel confident and informed about the work we do.

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