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Simbol Auto Glass: Who We Are
May 20, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Simbol Auto Glass
A car parked outside a Simbol Auto Glass location.

Simbol Auto Glass first opened its doors several years ago as Low Price Auto Glass in Warren, Michigan. Our business idea was simple: Treat customers with respect and honesty, provide excellent service, and offer the lowest prices around. As business increased, our operation expanded to a larger facility in Hazel Park, as well as opening additional locations in Wyandotte, Waterford, Shelby Township, and Ann Arbor.

Today, we service thousands of vehicles per month, but we haven’t strayed from the personal touch that our customers expect. Owners and operators run all five of our service locations, ensuring that no matter which you choose, you’ll be happily greeted by someone who cares.

Simbol Auto Glass is proud to offer a variety of services to our customers.

First, as our business name suggests, we provide the best auto glass repair in Michigan for both windows and windshields. If you have a small chip in your windshield, don’t wait to get it fixed; that only increases the risk of spread and severe, additional damage. Instead, take your car into a Simbol Auto Glass location right away to correct the problem before it worsens.

Best of all, these kinds of mild repairs may even be free depending on your auto insurance! Our experts take the stress out of routing the repair through your insurance, and our repair team will make your car windows look brand-new all over again.

Simbol Auto Glass also does more than window repair—we also perform window tinting according to Michigan auto regulations. If you want to ratchet your vehicle’s aesthetic up a notch, window tinting can make a powerful difference in overall presentation. Your windshield and front side windows can tint the top four inches, and your rear and back side windows can be tinted as much as you like! It looks flashy, and more practically, it can also reduce sun glare inside the vehicle.

Furthermore, Simbol Auto Glass is now one of the leading providers of auto alarms and remote car starters in the Detroit area. Anyone who has lived in Michigan knows that our winter season can be famously challenging. Remote car starters make life a bit more pleasant when dealing with the winter weather, and auto alarms keep your vehicle safer than ever.

Our accessorizing options also don’t end with alarms and remote car starters. Simbol Auto Glass carries Weathertech floor mats, cup holders, phone mounts, and more, as well as assorted truck accessories like Truxport and EdgeX. If you prefer independent installation, you can pick up your desired accessories at any Simbol Auto Glass location. We can also install those accessories for you if desired!

Simbol Auto Glass is the best auto service in the Detroit area, with five locations all staffed by friendly, knowledgeable staff who care about you and your vehicle. Whether you’re seeking repair, installation, or accessories, we’re here to help—and once you’ve experienced our top-tier service, you won’t want to bring your vehicle anywhere else.