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Ways to Prevent Windshield Damage and Avoid Costly Repairs
September 24, 2023 at 4:00 AM
Rainy car day

Windshields are one of the most essential parts of your vehicle as they keep you safe on the road. They protect you from dust and flying objects, like bugs, by providing a barrier and keeping you from getting seriously hurt. With all that windshields do for us, we must pay more attention to them because they uphold the car’s structural integrity.

Along with keeping the windshield clean, you should also regularly inspect it for any damages or cracks which can be dangerous. It also never hurts to be proactive, which is why you should learn how to prevent windshield damage and avoid costly repairs to your vehicle.

Tips on how to prevent windshield damage

The sections below will provide you with information worth considering if you want to prevent any damage to your windshield.

1. Drive slowly and carefully

While windshield cracks and damage can occur at any time, it’s more common when you’re traveling at high speeds. The reason is that it makes the impact of foreign objects much more damaging. For example, if a flying item hits the windshield with force while you’re driving fast, the effect could cause it to shatter or crack. You can only offer your windshield protection by moving slowly and carefully.

In addition, weather conditions like rain, snow, or wind are also known to increase the chances of windshield damage, as wind or water can carry objects that can chip your windshield. This is why you should avoid driving when the weather is dangerous.

2. Avoid busy roadways and freeways

There’s always a higher possibility of getting a cracked windshield if you’re driving on a busy road with a lot of traffic. Most popular streets are always packed with vehicles, increasing the chances of your car getting hit by an object from the car in front. In addition, objects like flying pebbles can dislodge from a car’s wheel in front of you and end up damaging your windshield.

3. Maintain a safe distance

Highways tend to be the most common place where windshield damage occurs. This happens because cars are moving at high speeds, and the chances of an accident or something in the roadway being kicked up are significantly higher. If you are traveling on a highway, the best thing to do is maintain a reasonable distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, especially if it is a four-wheeler or dump truck carrying a heavy load. If these vehicles do not have a roof, there’s an even greater chance of materials escaping and hitting your windshield, damaging it.

4. Avoid gravel

Another leading cause of windshield damage is debris and small materials like gravel or other small rocks. Gravel can easily be propelled into the air if you drive over it at high speeds, causing it to hit and damage or crack your windshield.

5. Park indoors

Temperature differences can also cause windshield damage and objects hitting vehicles when they are stationary as well. Consider parking your car indoors to ensure the sun doesn’t weaken your windshield by making the glass expand in the heat. Parking under a covered area also allows you to keep it from being damaged by random flying objects.

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